"Hello friend! Let’s play a fun game together. Connect your wallet and click the spin button and win Astro Points! We’ll let you spin once per day and will be adding a prize section soon where you can exchange points for fun items, like NFT. You know how much I like to give away NFT’s! Have a look at the points legend below and track your Astro Point on the top of the page."

Symbol Prize   Symbol Prize
  Star 4 Points     Square 6 Points
  Triangle 9 Points     Circle 3 Points

First Step

Click on top of the page at "Connect" to connect your wallet.


Second Step

Once you are connected hit the spin button and try your luck.

"Oh dear. You have already used your spin today. Please check the timer below to see when you can spin again. I heard that Astro Points will be redeemable for NFT’s, so keep spinning daily. I wonder what abilities these NFT’s will have…"

"Great, that was fun. You have earned 0 Astro Points! You can spin again in 24 hours and keep accumulating points. Astro points can later be redeemed for great prizes, like NFT’s. I love NFT’s! See you soon friend."