Did you participate in the AvaOne Finance IFO?

Investors that took place in the AvaOne Finance Initial Farm Offering on Lydia Finance are eligible to receive an exclusive NFT! This NFT is free (except transaction fees) for all addresses that participated in the IFO. Simply connect your wallet and load the same address that was used for the IFO. Press “Claim your NFT” below and claim your NFT!


Please note:

The pictures show example AvaOne NFTs. It is not exactly the one you are getting.

This is your personal "Astro Orbiter" NFT

How it Works

Follow these simple steps to claim your own NFT


First Step

Click on top of the page at “Connect” to connect your wallet. Make sure you load the same address that was used for the IFO.


Second Step

Press “Claim your NFT” to claim your NFT. It's free but please be aware that it requires a small network transaction fee.


Third Step

Keep your NFT for benefits at our AvaOne website or sell it at our marketplace or a marketplace of your choice.

FAQ Section

Can I sell or trade this NFT?

Yes. This NFT can be sold, bought, or traded either publicly or privately.

Does this NFT have any special uses?

Yes! Benefits will be added to this NFT as the project progresses. The NFT granted users 24-hour early access to the farming platform when it went live. Now it will grant users 24-hour early access to the Astro Points NFT redemption and give you a big discount on the Astro Points cost to mint the NFT's.

Button shows “Not Eligible” after connecting, what is wrong?

Make sure you load the same address that was used for the IFO.

How many of these NFT’s exist?

A little over 2,000 addresses took place in the IFO. One NFT is available to be claimed for each address.

Button shows “Already claimed” after connecting, what is wrong?

You already have your NFT at this address. You can claim one NFT for each address you used in the IFO.

How do I view my NFT?

You can view your NFT collection in the AVME wallet using the NFT Dapp, on popular websites like https://avascan.info (currently not displaying ipfs images), the MetaMask mobile app, NFT compatible browsers, and of course on this AvaOne webpage by logging into your wallet above.

How long do I have to claim?

There is currently no time limit to claim.